Craft Corner

Feel free to print out instructions to follow later.
* YOUR POTATO STAMP! First cut a potato in half. Carve a design on the white side of one of the halves .You can also use a cookie cutter to press a pattern into the potato and trim the edges away leaving the design. Then dry it with a paper towel and then, press the design side of your potato half on a ink pad, and VIOLA'! You have your own potato stamp! REMEMBER Have parents help you trim the potato

PET ROCK Ever wanted a pet you weren't going to have to feed or clean up after? Even better one your parents would let you have? All you need is some paint and some glue and a rock of any size. Paint your rock any color and put eyes ears and a mouth on it, If you want to make them out of paper or felt just print the pattern page . (HERE) are some funny eyes, ears, and mouths to use for a pattern. Your new pet ROCK will live comfortably on any shelf or desk. Pet ROCKS have been known to be welcome anywhere. They are quiet and never chew on shoes. They even do some tricks. If your lucky you will be able to teach your Rock to sit, stay. and even play dead. Good Luck with your new Pet! I am also told that pet rocks are house broke! Yep that means no messes. We have found that decorated milk cartons. You know the small ones like you get in school? With a hole cut in makes a good pet rock house. REMEMBER! Have an adult help you cut the MILK carton!                                                                                                           


We will be adding crafts as we find them. Check back often!