Before you cross!

Q: How Far do I stand from the semi that I'm crossing in front of?

A: Stand about ten feet from the front of the truck or bus.

Q: If you were locked in a trunk of a car. What can I do to get someone's attention.

A: The inside of a trunk is very dark. You need to feel around and pull any wires you find. This will makes the lights not work and any Police Officer will pull over the car. Another thing you can do it find something to Polk through the tale lights. And yell for HELP!!! Make noise!!!

STEP ONE; Stop and look both ways to be sure all traffic has stopped for you.
 STEP TWO:  Raise your right hand as far over your head as you can and wiggle your extended fingers. Often the driver will honk or wave or smile at you to let you know he can see you. One of my favorites...The Dog joke

Two guys were talking over the back fence.
Bill; "Hey, what do you feed your dog?"
John;" I feed my dog, dog food. What do you feed your dog?"
Bill;" I feed my dog turnips."
John;" Whoa! I'd never get my dog to eat turnips."
Bill;" Mine wouldn't eat them either for the first month!"

STEP THREE; Continue wiggling your fingers over your head till you are safely across the street.

Q:  How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?
A:  Only 1, but the light bulb has to want to change!

Touch factoid


~Did you know you can call 911 from any phone free of charge. Even pay phones. So when you have an emergency you can use any phone with out money.

~If you have an adult with you. You can ask a parked trucker if you can see the inside of his truck and honk the horn, and he will probably let you. Ask politely and be sure to say thank you!

~Did you know that when you cross the street in front of your school bus, or a bus semi truck that the driver has a difficult time seeing you?
So how do you safely cross the street?

Joke FOR YOU!!
A cowboy rode in to a small town on Friday and stayed for three days and rode out on Friday.
How did he do that?
The Horse was named Friday!!

How to call for help.

Call 9-1-1 or your local emergency number and tell the operator these four things. Don't hang up until the operator tells you to.

1. The reason you were calling. 2. Your name
3. Where your calling from. 4. your address

*Remember to stay calm, Speak clearly. The most important thing is to get the right information as fast as you can. Getting help and getting it fast can save a life.

Emergency Numbers to Keep Handy

Local emergency (usually 9-1-1)

Police Dept.

Fire Dept.




Poison Control  1-800-815-8855


Jot these down and keep the list with all the right numbers close to the phone. *Remember 9-1-1 and all your emergency are to be called only in an emergency.

For non emergencies Keep a friends or neighbors number even Grand Parents are good to contact for minor  emergencies.